1. Lucky

Lucky is big canidate that will die in the series finale of Survivors, it may mean that he will die in order to save the Wild Pack and Storm will succeed him as Alpha of the Wild Pack.

2. Sweet 

Sweet is playing a major role in Survivors but it is obvious that Lucky will at one point becaome Alpha, and you heard me right Sweet has a big chance of dying.

3. Bruno: It does not take a genius to figure out how Bruno will die but EVERY survivors fan knows that he will die of old age possibly in Red Moon Rising is his death.

4. Arrow and Bella: Arrow has a big Possibuility of dying and he may be killed being invaded by the traitor and he will die while the traitor goes to look for Bella and Bella tells her pups to run and Bella dies protecting them.

5. Rake's Pack 

Pretty much the same way of Arrow and Bella. except all at once.

6. Mickey

Yes the fan favorite and good dog Mickey may die in the finale. My guess is that he will die protecting Storm and the other dogs and it would make sence of the Farm Dog dying. 

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