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Welcome to the Survivor Dogs Wiki

Welcome to the Offical Survivor Dogs Wiki. This is the place for all things survivors!

About Survivor Dogs

In Seekers, we joined three young bears on a life-changing quest....

Now, brace yourself for the world of Survivors: The humans are gone—and a new animal is ready to rule the wild.

Which animals are brave enough to step up and take control when a strange disaster strikes?

Latest activity

  • new page Brook- Black male swift-dog with very long legs
    created by A Fandom user 1 day ago
    New page: Brook Black male swift-dog with very long legs. Part of Alfa and beta's (Callie) swift dog pack. Sweets old packmate.
  • discussion page Talk:Bella
    new comment by A Fandom user 3 days ago
    Comment: This site is not very up to date, is it?
  • edit Fierce Dogs
    edited by LionJayDove diff
    Summary: Known Fierce Dogs: Added dogs to the list

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  • discussion page Talk:Alfie
    new comment by LionJayDove
    Comment: He was my absoulte favorite :,(  I was crying when I read for the first time of him dying. He was only a pup... and he's one of my favorite...
  • discussion page Talk:Alpha
    new comment by LionJayDove
    Comment: Ikr. I feel slightly sorry for him, though, because he was teased about being half-dog in his mother's wolf pack. I think that made him cruel, and...
  • discussion page Talk:Lucky
    new comment by BrambleberryRiverclan
    Comment: Cats are better!
  • categorization Fiery
    edited by Survivordogz diff
    Added category: The Empty City
  • categorization Bruno
    edited by Survivordogz diff
    Added category: Hunters
  • categorization Alpha
    edited by Survivordogz diff
    Added category: Omegas


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