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"I can’t give up my faith in the longpaws. I understand that we can’t rely on the longpaws to help us anymore. But one of us has to remember. One of us has to carry the memories for the rest of the Pack. I’ll do it."
Mickey offering to remember the longpaws The Empty City, pages 258-259


Mickey is a border collie who is a Leashed Dog.


Mickey is watchful and nurturing, intelligent, and he cares deeply for his pack. He also carries a glove around with him, in reminder of his longpaw, and shows how loyal to his longpaw he is. He won't lose faith in them, showing he still trusts them, meaning he is very loyal.


Mickey is skilled at herding, since he is in fact a Border Collie, and he proves very good at hunting. It is also mentioned he is intelligent and good at keeping dogs together. He is extremely devoted to his longpaws, despite the fact that they abandoned him.


The Empty CityEdit

He first appears when Lucky is running from foxes, and he and the other dogs fight the foxes off. He and the others share meat with Lucky until Sunshine notices that her paw is bleeding. He freaks out until Lucky fixes it. He develops a great respect for Lucky.

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A Hidden Enemy Edit

In A Hidden Enemy, Mickey is first seen in the fight scene in between the Wild Pack and the Leashed Pack. He is deeply hurt whenever Alfie is killed from his battle wounds from the wild Alpha. He, like the others, doesn't see Lucky during the battle. He takes place in the burial of Alfie. He is very worried during the storm.

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Darkness FallsEdit

Mickey goes with Lucky to find the Longpaws and find three fierce dog pups, and brings them back to the pack.


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