Luckys freedom
"I like being on my own. I mean, I’m sure a Pack’s best for some dogs, but I’ve walked alone since I left my Pup Pack. I can look after myself."
—Lucky [[The Empty City]], page 18
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Mate: Sweet Rank: Beta
Pups: Tumble, Fluff, Nimble and Tiny Past: Lone dog
Mother: Known as Mother-Dog Father: Unknown Brothers: Squirm and Yip Sister: Bella


Lucky is a handsome, thick-furred, long-legged, golden-and-white sheltie retriever with dark eyes.


Lucky is a troubled young dog. He is streetwise, intelligent, and cautious in love. He enjoyed being a Lone Dog, but as he thought that if he was in a pack, he would have to care for other members and worry about them—this why he does not like to get too close to others. However, he has an honorable heart and is kind, and a fair fighter when needed. Lucky also seems to think that he knows much about Pack life; however, he is shocked at the harshness and order in which the Wild Pack maintains, and doesn't know much about their customs and rules.

Special skillsEdit

Lucky is a good hunter; he teaches the Leashed Dogs to hunt when they move into the forest. He is also a very trustworthy, wise dog. Better than most dogs together. From his Experience in the outside world as a handsome lone dog for many moons, he might one day find himself a big use too the spirit dogs.

History Edit

The Empty CityEdit

Lucky is shown in the prologue as a young pup, warm and content that he is surrounded by his littermates, Yip, Yowl, and Squeak, who later appears as Bella. His pup name is Yap. His mother tells the story of the Earth-Dog and Lightning, who was rescued from the Earth-Dog by the Sky Dogs.

Lucky is shown at the beginning of the story as a Lone Dog, recently captured by longpaws. He escapes when The Big Growl strikes, busting open his cage with the help of Sweet. He fails to persuade Sweet into roaming the city with him for food and she leaves to find her pack. Lucky becomes very hungry later on and scavenges for food, even going to a longpaw firebox to get it. He is chased away by a Fierce Dog and escapes by jumping a small gorge.

He scavengers for food and Finds a sandwich in a loudcage. He sees what looks like a long pa, it is a fake one. It shoos him away twice so he follows it into the mall. He finds food. Lots of food,more food than he's ever seen

To be continued

A Hidden EnemyEdit

Lucky has lived as a lone dog for many moons, but when his crazy litter-sister, Bella needs him at her side, he must accept. He goes into a pack of Wild dogs with a half-wolf as their Alpha. There, Lucky sees his long-lost friend from the trap house, Sweet. She is the beta of this pack. When Lucky gets caught being a spy-dog, they pack's Omega, Whine. Tells the big Half-Wolf Alpha about Lucky and his sisters plan and gets caught. But when Sweet tries too help him, The Half-Wolf Alpha will have non of it.