"I don't miss them. Not much, anyway. I can't be that sad they left me behind, after all. They abandoned me. Besides, I have other things to think about, my friends, for a start. They need someone to take charge. I don't have time to mope."
Bella to Lucky The Empty City, page 141
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Bella is compassionate and brave. She cares very much for her fellow Leashed Dogs, yet is strong-willed and stubborn. Though she had a hard time giving up her long-paws, she is good at hearing her dog spirit and wants to learn to be Alpha, however, she can be cocky, stubborn, bossy, rude, and short-tempered. She is also tricky and cunning.


The Empty CityEdit

She is first seen as Squeak, Yap's litter-mate. Bella is later seen helping Lucky fight off foxes.

The Hidden EnemyEdit

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