"Lets get away from here. And don't be so impulsive again, Alfie! You've got to listen."- Bella scolding Alfie in The Empty City.



Alfie is stocky and small with brown and white patches. He is a leashed dog that belongs to the Leashed Pack that Lucky meets.


Alfie is impulsive and excitable. He can be too trusting at times, and has difficulty listening to his dog-spirit.


The Empty CityEdit

Alfie had opted to guard his longpaws' house while the others went in search of food. When the Earth had a second, smaller growl, Alfie's house fell down with him inside it. The other leashed dogs listen to Bella when she says they should leave him, but Lucky goes to rescue him with Bruno at his side. With much difficulty, the two dogs find a way into the house and force Alfie out. He finds out that the other Leashed Dogs were going to leave him, and he become forlorn, but Bella said that she was only looking out for her Pack and didn't want them to get hurt.
Lucky tells them that they must leave, and they do so with much reluctance. They go and each grab a longpaw thing, and Alfie brings a ball from the yard since he can't go back into his longpaw house.
Later, as they are traveling away from the city, Alfie is happy when he spots water. The others are fearful because the water smells poisoned and tell Alfie not to drink it, and tell him to smell it. He sadly agrees that the water is no good to drink and leaves it.

A Hidden EnemyEdit

In A Hidden Enemy, Alfie is seeing fighting Alpha, but Alfie then sees Lucky. Trying to impress the Lone Dog, Alfie leaps for Alpha, who doesn't make much movement but with one swipe, Alpha injures Alfie. The pup is dying, and Bruno is the most upset about this. When Lucky comes, all the dogs run to him all but Bruno, who stays by Alfie, who dies. All of the dogs, even Bruno, howl their goodbyes to their dear friend. 


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